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Are you wanting to make a change in your life? Looking to move career or start a new business? Perhaps you’d simply like more balance? Coaching can help you!

As a coach, I will enable you to gain greater clarity on how you want your life to be and support and encourage you as you work towards achieving your goals. As a result, you can lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life, focusing on the things that are most important to you.

So, take control of your life and live with purpose.

You are capable of more than you think!

How can coaching help you?

Often you know there is something you want to change in your life and yet you don’t seem to get around to it, or you want to move career however you’re not sure what direction to take.

Coaching can help you find the courage and motivation to make changes and work towards goals that are important to you.

My coaching sessions provide the time and space to focus on what you want to achieve, whilst providing the necessary support to help you get there. I will help you get clear on what you really want, explore different options and come up with a step by step plan to move forward. I will also help you develop the tools and mindset to keep making progress in the long-term. 


I can help you with:

  • Defining and pursuing your purpose

  • Career change and progression

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Getting back into work

  • Stress management and work-life balance

  • Personal development



  • Get clearer on what you want for your future

  • Overcome barriers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Build confidence and self-belief

  • Stop procrastinating and take action

  • Understand yourself better

  • Feel more fulfilled – living more in line with your values and doing more of what you love

Contact me to book a free introductory consultation via the form below or via email:

Thank you!

At a time of huge change in my work life, Geraldine was able to help me navigate through life changing career choices with insightful questioning and a reasoned approach to the options that lay before me,

Jeremy, Surrey

What clients say...

“Geraldine has a real gift for gently and subtly asking questions to get you to look at your life from a different perspective. She really got me to challenge my own perception of my status quo and encouraged me to dare to think bigger and better.”

Pauline, London

“What I really valued was being asked questions that prompted me to reflect deeply and to have a space to discuss new ideas. 
The regular sessions have been a wonderful support, Geraldine has helped bring clarity from the mêlée and I am so grateful

Arabella, London

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