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“I am now very happy with the direction my career is moving in and extremely thankful for the support that Geraldine gave which enabled this to happen.”

What clients say...

“I would highly recommend Geraldine's coaching.  I had a one-off session with her in the midst of a fairly drawn-out job search during which my confidence was fading.  Although I'd been working freelance alongside looking after my young kids, my target was to find a permanent role and Geraldine really helped me to focus on that objective.  She listened attentively, asked clarifying questions and gave me a huge boost of confidence, as well as a nudge to explore some more avenues.  Happily, I have now found a new role and am really enjoying it.”  

Ali, London

“At a time of huge change in my work life, Geraldine was able to help me navigate through life changing career choices with insightful questioning and a reasoned approach to the options that lay before me.  I am now very happy with the direction my career is moving in and extremely thankful for the support that Geraldine gave which enabled this to happen.”

Jeremy, Surrey

“Geraldine is an excellent coach. She has a real gift for gently and subtly asking questions to get you to look at your life from a different perspective. She really got me to challenge my own perception of my status quo and encouraged me to dare to think bigger and better. She then helped me put practical steps in place to get to where I wanted to be. Geraldine was such a great help and support to me and coached me in such a way, I really didn’t feel like I was being coached! It was subtle nudging to a better me!”  

Pauline, London

“Being catapulted into sudden redundancy at the start of the year was a jolt. I was left feeling unsettled and unsure about how to move forwards. Setting goals with Geraldine at the start of our sessions has helped me navigate the past six months and moved me to a place where I am beginning to evaluate new opportunities and push open doors. The new road map has helped steer me through the difficult moments. It has allowed me to consider what I wanted from work and a career and to weigh up how I can move towards my new goals. What I really valued was being asked questions that prompted me to reflect deeply and to have a space to discuss new ideas. 
The regular sessions have been a wonderful support, Geraldine has helped bring clarity from the mêlée and I am so grateful.”

Arabella, London

“Geraldine was exceptional at ensuring that I was clear on my goals and also held me accountable every step of the way which I found extremely useful.

She is very empathetic, which is what you want from a coach, however she can also be quite challenging and this enabled me to at least think about what I was saying from a different view point. As a result I was able to re-evaluate and adjust my goals if necessary as the sessions progressed.  

It has been an absolute pleasure for me to be coached by Geraldine and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach who is genuinely interested in people and their wellbeing..”  

Dzingi, London

“I had four life coaching sessions with Geraldine, and while I had planned to focus entirely on career discussions, it became apparent in our first session that there were other areas of life that it would be beneficial to talk through before moving onto career.

I found Geraldine to have exceptional listening and questioning skills; she was able to cut through the 'noise' and help me to listen to my inner voice (sounds cheesy I know, but true!) I did not have a light bulb moment; however, I have identified an avenue that I am now taking time to explore. I would highly recommend Geraldine..”

Jemma, London

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